The Trustee you Trust

Rebex AG carries out all its trustee activities responsibly and thoroughly - from payment procedures to succession management.


Careful and trustworthy - from bookkeeping to control functions to VAT returns

Business auditing & consultancy

Independent, transparent and made to measure - from auditing to recovery to liquidation


Individual and competent - from advice to calculation to execution


Re= Revision (auditing) B= Beratung (consultancy) Ex= Experts

Rebex AG's team in Dietikon will support you in all trust-related matters. We have a well-qualified team who will guide you along the way.

We build our provision upon many years of experience and continuous ongoing development, allowing us to offer you an up-to-the-minute, made-to-measure service.




Alfons Florian - Rebex AG - DietikonAlfons G. Florian

Member of the Board of Directors and the Management Board.
Graduate Business Auditor. 
Specialist in Finance and Accountancy, with Swiss Federal professional certification.
Approved Auditing Expert (FAOA)
Member of the Swiss Accounting and Controls association

Stefan Dürmüller - Rebex AG - DietikonStefan Dürmüller

Member of the Management Board.Graduate Business Auditor, lic.oec.publ.
Approved Auditing Expert (FAOA)

Anouar Mdimagh - Rebex AG - DietikonAnouar Mdimagh

Member of the Senior Executive, Authorised representative.
Trustee with Swiss Federal professional certification, Master of Science

Approved Auditing Expert (FAOA)

Rosemarie Oeschger - Rebex AG - DietikonJrene Fuchs

Specialist trust administrator

MMartina Amstalden - Rebex AG - Dietikonartina Amstalden

Specialist trust administrator

Jrene Fuchs - Rebex AG - DietikonRosemarie Oeschger

Specialist trust administrator

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